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Harp Dreams

Peter Sterling

Three years in the making, harpist Peter Sterling’s sixth album is also his magnum opus. An impassioned work of musical brilliance, inspired melodies, and earthy rhythms, Harp Dreams is destined to be a treasure for lovers of New Age, Jazz, Classical, or Contemporary styles. With its impeccable orchestration, talented guest musicians, and memorable melodies, Peter has recorded, produced, and mixed in his Sedona Shadows studio an album of lush, intricately textured music whose songs are each exquisite treats. Harp Dreams boasts an ensemble cast of musicians like popular New Age guitarist Bruce Becvar, talented Sedona guitarists Robin Miller and Fitz-Hugh Jenkins, exceptional flute and sax work by Richard Hardy, the breathtaking violin of the accomplished artist Dov, and the evocation of the goddess represented by Ani Williams. Each song seamlessly weaves a musical tapestry of enchanting, sexy, cultural, and rhythmical splendor, making Harp Dreams your perfect choice for entertaining, relaxation, inner reflection, and especially romance. Harp Dreams is a precious jewel among harp albums. While other harp music can sound fluttery and repetitive, Peter’s contemporary style emphasizes distinct melody-driven songs stemming from his predominant finger picking style that is at once seductive, hip, and angelic. Its captivating, multi-layered sound endears itself into your heart, never tiring from repeated listening. The stunning mystical world depicted on the album cover, by internationally known painter Dale Terbush sets the tone for the magical journey Harp Dreams will take you on.

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Full Album: Harp Dreams
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Track Listing
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1. 01 Carousel 6:19
$ 1.59
2. 02 Midnight Sun 5:20
$ 0.99
3. 03 Brazilia 7:23
$ 1.59
4. 04 Highlands 5:54
$ 0.99
5. 05 In Monets Garden 7:22
$ 1.59
6. 06 Lady Of The Lake 7:03
$ 1.59
7. 07 La Rosa De Amor 7:09
$ 1.59
8. 08 Asleep In The Fairyring 6:37
$ 1.59