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A compilation of songs in English written for the Divine Mother Ammachi over a period of 5 years. Includes four brand new tracks - Can You Save Me, Embrace, Tapasya, and Stay. Guitar, harmonium, Rhodes keyboard, bass, drums & percussion

The CD titled EMBRACE is a collection of songs in English written about Ammachi, a saint from Southern India. Over the last 13 years, her example as a spiritually expanded being has been a great inspiration for me. I wanted to contribute something to her ongoing relief efforts for disaster victims (Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, etc) for which she has pledged over 23 million dollars. The proceeds from the sale of this CD will go directly to her efforts in this regard.

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Full Album: Wah-Embrace
$ 9.99
Track Listing
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1. Can You Save Me
$ 0.99
2. Come To Me (2001)
$ 0.99
3. Embrace
$ 0.99
4. In This Night
$ 0.99
5. One In A Million
$ 0.99
6. Stay
$ 0.99
7. Tapasya
$ 0.99
8. Water
$ 0.99
9. What She Has To Give
$ 0.99