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Mystery Of Souls

Melanie Hutton And Marshall Lefferts

Mystery of Souls debuts an eclectic, innovative, sensual, and
passionate landscape of "otherWorld" music.  Ten tracks influenced by
many musical genres, both ancient and timeless, and lyrics both sung
and spoken in an intuitive language like incantations and tales from
another realm, offer listeners an experience that is evocative and
soul-stirring.  World-class award-winning musicians offer up their
creative mastery to make this music soar, including David Darling,
Suzanne Teng, Manose, Gilbert Levy, Randy Tico, Hom Nath Upadyaya,
Christopher James Thomas, and more.  These songs are more than just
musical entertainment. They are the expression of a deep impulse in
voice and music that calls the Soul forth and awakens us into the
realm where we come fully alive into ourselves.  Listeners say they
somehow know the intuitive tongue woven into these songs, are drawn
into it and aroused deep in their soul.  Mystery of Souls is timely in
this era—an invitation to meet the mystery of our soul.  Eight
original compositions, from trance-like rhythmic dreamy dance grooves
and achingly romantic instrumentals, to bardic love stories and
folk-like street songs, seamlessly meet two traditional arrangements
from medieval  Spain and Nepal's historic festival to the Goddess
Durgha.  The music is lush with live instrumentation of hammered
dulcimer, guitars, multi-percussive rhythms, violin, cello, viola, and

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Full Album: Mystery Of Souls
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1. 01 Desert Prayer 7:54
$ 1.59
2. 02 Leah A Hadi 7:46
$ 1.59
3. 03 Weightless 5:01
$ 0.99
4. 04 Life And Love 6:11
$ 1.59
5. 05 Malshree 5:49
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6. 06 Wazadi 7:18
$ 1.59
7. 07 Drinara d Andayo 6:09
$ 1.59
8. 08 Caressing The Unnameable 6:59
$ 1.59
9. 09 Neanna Sundra 6:10
$ 1.59
10. 10 Sa dawi 2:07
$ 0.99