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The Hermit

Harmish Thomson began his early professional career as a drummer for various independent bands, and was inevitably influenced by an assortment of progressive artists such as The Police, U2, Eno, Bob Marley, among others. His imagination eventually led him to create the first Hermit album entitled Flying out of Solitude. The album was impressive enough to grab the attention of Nettwerk, and now Thomson is preparing for the release of his sophomore works.

Listening to Hamish Thomson's new album Wonderment for the first time is much like seeing Pink Floyd perform live - you never know what to expect. Unlike the first album, which was a pure solo effort by Thompson, Wonderment is performed with Hermit bandmates and guests wielding an array of vocalization and instruments, often times taking on unusual items such as triangles and toaster ovens. The mostly electric/eclectic sound of the album is held together by the creative tone of the compositions, the variety of instruments utilized, and remarkably accented by all of the guest vocalists involved (Martina Sorbara, Shelly Campbell, among others).

The album begins with the title track Wonderment, which is a subtly beautiful and melodic work comparable to a child's downtempo lullaby. Although the works are filled with expert harmonious precision and splendor, the collection of compositions can range anywhere from soaring Floydish tones to Eno and Orbital-reminiscent electro darkness.

The lyrics are catchy (Wonderment, Sir Real), the production is inventive, and overall, the album should be well accepted by even the electroskeptical.

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1. 01 Wonderment 4:51
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2. 02 Journey Of The Dot 4:02
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3. 03 Flutterbye 5:58
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4. 04 Suspension 1:21
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5. 05 Wont Fall Apart 4:56
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6. 06 Palpitations 4:15
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7. 07 Sir Real 5:52
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8. 08 Galaxies Collide 5:19
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9. 09 Clear Voyage 4:17
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10. 10 Dawn Of The Apple Farm 4:32
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