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Maha Moha- The Great Delusion

Wade Imre Morissette

An accomplished musician and yoga teacher, Wade unites his two passions – yoga and music – in a fusion of Eastern influenced musical arrangements with Western sensibilities, creating his own original style of kirtan chant music.

A collaboration with award-winning producer, David Nichtern, the pair bring together an array of instruments from tabla to sitar, as heard on the title track “Guru Ma” which features special guest vocals by Krishna Das. The poignant sounds of the bansuri flute and Wade’s deep and honest vocals on “Inside” take the listener on a soulful journey.

While Wade’s previous releases have explored a sense of longing, this album draws in listeners to a connection of humanness and spirituality. His blend of indie rock/pop music has been called by LA Yoga, “…what it might sound like if James Taylor put out a kirtan album.”

Wade and his twin sister Alanis took to music at an early age, but always in search of a practice that would help him connect to his spirit, Wade discovered yoga and dedicated the next decade of his life to learning and teaching the practice. It wasn’t until one of his many trips to India that Wade began studying chanting and fell in love with kirtan, an ancient musical art form.

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Full Album: Maha Moha- The Great Delusion
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1. 01 Guru Ma 7:12
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2. 02 Inside 8:15
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3. 03 Grand Mantra 7:19
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4. 04 Burn It In The Fire 6:59
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5. 05 Rama Bolo 7:58
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6. 06 Surrender 6:04
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7. 07 Prayer 6:52
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8. 08 OM 7:11
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