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I See That Now


Pierre Avia is One of the New French Talents on the Electronica Scene. His Genuine Style Combines Harmony House Music with Downtempo Tracks and Jazz Bursts all Through this Disc.

Having impressed such luminaries as Richard Dorfmeister and Laurent Garnier with his debut demo EP in 1999, Pierre Avia has been slaving away ever since to produce this debut. 'I See That Now' delivers all the elements required in a Downtempo album that fuses dub ska with jazzy grooves and beats, topped off with summery melodies and garbled vocal samples. The opening track, 'Miles Golden Sands' give a great early indicator of Avia’s talent, whilst 'While Should I Cry' demonstrates truly original dimensions to Avia’s gallery of studio skills. This is a man who knows what he’s doing.

Much of 'I See That Now' will appeal to the world of soundtrack, as it is a largely instrumental album, but with soft, uncluttered dance anthems such as 'Warm' in the armoury, waiting to be remixed, it is also a truly adventurous clubby, chill out album. Check out the infuriatingly catchy melody of 'Westernize' and the strummed, loungecore of 'American Photo' for more angles. A great purchase for the Downtempo enthusiast, which gets better with every play.

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Full Album: I See That Now
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Track Listing
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1. 01 Miles Golden Sands 5:01
$ 0.99
2. 02 The Persuader 4:04
$ 0.99
3. 03 Why Should I Cry 3:49
$ 0.99
4. 04 Love and Rise 4:06
$ 0.99
5. 05 Tigerbird 5:06
$ 0.99
6. 06 Warm 6:51
$ 1.59
7. 07 Jetlag 1:37
$ 0.99
8. 08 Waterfalls 9:12
$ 1.99
9. 09 Westernize 3:59
$ 0.99
10. 10 Kim Scorpio Tropical 1:28
$ 0.99
11. 11 American Photo 3:45
$ 0.99