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Octaves Of Light


Octaves of Light came about as a divine inspiration and exploration into the healing power of music and sound as a healing modality. During the time I wrote and produced this record, I was going for several Qi Gong teacher training exams deepening my Qi Gong skills. The extended practice and testing sessions were extremely demanding and challenging, physically emotionally and spiritually. It is a work of deep commitment and a sharing of sincere love through this music to all peoples of all nations.

Sound is a universal language, an ancient tool for healing, meditation, spiritual practice and the celebration of life. To truly heal, we must first settle our heart, mind and body. The vibration of sound has the power to restore balance to our harmonic patterns, dissolve blockages, settle us, clear our energy centers, lift our spirits, empower us and heal us.

I invite you to find a comfortable quiet place for your practice. Simply “be”, and feel the vibration of sound wash over your whole being. Allow the sound to permeate deep within you. The vibration of sound within the body is like an internal massage. Each and every pore, cell, organ, muscle, gland, bone, and every part of your whole being will receive this nurturing gift of sound healing energy. As the sound resonates within your whole body, you may experience your energy changing as your vibration begins to shift. This is healing in action. Enjoy…

Your “Journey of Relaxation®” and Healing has just begun…

Love Eluv

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1. Ginger Blossoms 10:49
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2. East Majala 8:22
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3. Thani Open Heart 9:19
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4. Tuuli 8:06
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5. Octaves Of Light 18:43
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6. Night Blooming Jasmine 7:32
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