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SkyDancing Tantra A Call To Bliss

Margot Anand

These six sensuous compositions offer a path of personal evolution and growth focused on the connection between sexuality and spirituality. They relax the body, open the heart and bring the mind into clear focus. When this integration has taken place, the listener is ready for a new sexual experience in which physical pleasure becomes a delight of the heart and an ecstasy of the spirit. When practiced with a partner, Tantra has for centuries been shown to contribute to a healthy, loving relationship.

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Full Album: SkyDancing Tantra A Call To Bliss
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1. Calling Venus 17:47
$ 2.59
2. Calling The Sacred Yoni 3:10
$ 0.99
3. Calling Gaia, The Great Mother 4:22
$ 0.99
4. Journey To Spirit 11:15
$ 2.29
5. Flow 4:34
$ 0.99
6. I Love You 5:55
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