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Moon On The Water (Disc 1)

Stan Richardson

What is the sound of the moon on the water?

It is the music of utter stillness and complete spaciousness—the perfect reflection of self within the universe, and the universe within the self. There is no finer instrument for capturing this music of Zen than the shakuhachi bamboo flute, the instrument which Stan Richardson has dedicated his life to master. With Moon on the Water, Richardson offers two musical experiences. On the first CD, listeners enjoy the pure tones of the solo shakuhachi, as it has been played for centuries. For the second CD, Stan Richardson combines natural sounds recorded during his travels across the Japanese countryside—the rushing of water, the wind over waves, the singing of cranes—with the beauty of the bamboo flute.

Full Album
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Full Album: Moon On The Water (Disc 1)
$ 9.99
Track Listing
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1. Kumoi Jishi (Lion Dance) 6:54
$ 1.59
2. Banshiki 8:53
$ 1.99
3. Akebobo Jishi (Azuma No Kyoku) (Dawn Piece) 5:20
$ 0.99
4. Esashi Oiwake 3:15
$ 0.99
5. Yoru No Uta (Night Song) 5:59
$ 0.99
6. Komoro Uta 4:12
$ 0.99
7. Tsuru No Sugomori (Cranes In Their Nest) 18:10
$ 2.99