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Are You Dreaming

One At Last

With each performance in front of sold-out crowds, One at Last has fans dancing to their techno-tribal beat—an irresistible sound that seamlessly blends traditional and electronic music. On Are You Dreaming? this trance group brings you nine songs that pulse with the intoxicating rhythm and passionate vocals that have catapulted One at Last to the top of the West Coast underground music scene.

Front woman Jaya Lakshmi leads the group with a cosmic, otherworldly elegance and a powerful connection to the art of sacred chant. Weaving together the modern and the ancient with a dynamic fusion of contemporary dance beats and devotional lyrics, the group creates a singular musical space on Are You Dreaming? Joined by electronica artist Om and inspired by musical and spiritual wisdom from across the globe, One at Last creates a true sound of cultural unity that is timeless, accessible, and infinitely danceable.

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Full Album: Are You Dreaming
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1. Nataraj 10:09
$ 1.99
2. Palmonte 5:39
$ 0.99
3. Are You Dreaming 5:33
$ 0.99
4. Om Purnam 4:48
$ 0.99
5. Realignment Sequence 9:33
$ 1.99
6. Waci 6:03
$ 1.59
7. Bhaja Hure Mana 4:22
$ 0.99
8. Yanni Hu Wey 9:13
$ 1.99
9. Nirvana 4:37
$ 0.99