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Chanting The Chakras Roots Of Awakening

Layne Redmond

Chanting the Chakras features a union of a 2000 year old Yogic meditation practice with trance-inducing drumming, masterful Indian Sitar and Tambour, and euphoric Mantra chants. By chanting the seed syllables of the chakras, you can retune your mind and body in a Yogic manner, resulting in deep relaxation and well-being of the entire self.

This recording is stunningly beautiful, whether you choose to chant along or simply listen. The mesmerizing mantras, chanted in their original Sanskrit syllables by master musician Amit Chatterjee, are accompanied by enchanting Sitar melodies and Tambour drones and soothing Bansuri bamboo flute which flow over a solid foundation of steady, hypnotic drum beats.

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Full Album: Chanting The Chakras Roots Of Awakening
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1. Garland Of Letters 21:50
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2. Lotus Of Light 15:38
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3. Elements Into Light 8:35
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