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Paul Avgerinos

A glowing, watercolor wash of angelic sounding choirs and ancient Greek
chants, Paul Avgerinos' new album is based on the Gnostic tradition and wisdom of ancient Greek mystery societies. A stellar cast featuring Kevin Braheny and Steve Gorn weave a rich tapestry of Tabla, Oud, Sarangi, and Cello. recently called Paul "one of the giants of ambient music," and the stellar sound design on this new release makes apparent how he earned the title. Gnosis is luminous and relaxing .
Awaken now, journey to the center of your heart into pure being into GNOSIS Breathe - Smile - Calm your body Breathe - Smile - Quiet your mind Be Between your thoughts within your heart eternally now you know

Produced at Unicorn Studios


Paul Avgerinos on cello, fretless bass, layered choirs, sound design, synthesizers, percussion, and guitars

Kevin Braheny Fortune on EWI

Steve Gorn on flute

Rohin Khemani on tabla

Steve Waite on guitars

Bragim Fribgane on oud

Rafiq Khan on Sarangi

Antonios Paravalos on cantor

And Christine Yandell on female vocals

 Round Sky Music ASCAP

Full Album
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Full Album: Gnosis
$ 9.99
Track Listing
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1. Pure In Heart 3:44
$ 0.99
2. Follow Your Bliss 6:13
$ 1.59
3. Awakening 5:54
$ 0.99
4. Know Thyself 5:40
$ 0.99
5. Journey To Now 7:12
$ 1.59
6. Gnosis 7:00
$ 1.59
7. Peaceful 9:12
$ 1.99
8. Waves Of Bliss 6:35
$ 1.59
9. Breathe 5:37
$ 0.99
10. We Are One 10:33
$ 1.99