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Mathew Joseph

"Firefly" is an intricate blend of Western and Eastern musical styles that merges elements as varied as classical guitar, chant rhythms, reggae, swing, blues, jazz, ragas and Indian folk music in a seamless tapestry. An all acoustic album, it combines a string section of acoustic Spanish and steel string guitars, cello, violin and bass, with a percussion ensemble that includes tabla , dumbek, mrdang, kanjeera, hand cymbals, chimes and drums. Brilliant flute, piano and percussion solos and rich vocal harmony embellish this work that includes six songs and two instrumentals. Reminding us of the tragedy we see unfolding in Kaliyug, the age of destruction, it urges peace and harmony and brings a message of hope, evoking the ethereal magic of the high Himalayas, the wisdom of its sages and the jubilation of the golden age to come.

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Full Album: Firefly
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1. Sruthi Laya Thalarm 3:28
$ 0.99
2. Amanita 5:13
$ 1.29
3. Rhododendron Queen 4:04
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4. Lay Down 4:08
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5. Firefly 2:38
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6. Sunrise 3:23
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7. The Grandmaster 4:14
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8. Kaliyug 4:04
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