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Dave Stringer

Dave Stringer: Brink
Reviewed By Derk Richardson in Yoga Journal

Kirtan singer Dave Stringer makes his debut as a folk-rock singer songwriter
with 11 songs that unite his spiritual and secular interests in a surprisingly seamless blend. Following a path parallel to that of Jai Uttal, Stringer moves back and forth between original pop songs performed in English and traditional Sanskrit chants, thus gently obliterating any doubt about these two forms belonging on the same record.

Continuity is provided by ingenious arrangements that incorporate a fluid mix of Eastern and Western acoustic and electric instruments – a combination of various guitars (including dobro and Hawaiian steel), dulcimer, piano, accordian, harmonium, tabla, sarangi, cello, violin, flute, trumpet, drums and a plethora of ethnic percussion and backing vocals.

An accomplished record producer as well (Axiom of Choice, Suzanne Teng),
Stringer has organized the diverse sounds into a sequence of elegant aural rainbows, retaining an Eastern cultural resonance even when fleshing out unabashedly pop melodies.

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Full Album: Brink
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1. Checking The Arithmetic 4:28
$ 0.99
2. Sleep 5:03
$ 1.29
3. Shivoham, Shivoham 6:53
$ 1.29
4. The Satellite Sky 3:33
$ 1.29
5. I And Me 6:20
$ 1.29
6. Corpse Waiting To Happen 4:32
$ 1.29
7. The Homing Instinct 5:08
$ 1.29
8. Ganashyama 6:52
$ 1.29
9. River 4:25
$ 1.29
10. Jaya Vitthale 4:38
$ 1.29
11. Brink 5:34
$ 1.29