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Chasky-Spiritual Treasures Of The Andes

Jorge Alfano

Composer, and multi-instrumentalist Jorge Alfano takes us on a very special journey on which the ancient Andean and South American cultures find new expressions, and the flame of a living tradition is rekindled in a new form. Using both pre-Colombian and contemporary instruments in his work, Alfano is able to express the need to preserve the legacy of his culture, and at the same time present it in a contemporary idiom. “Chasky” Messenger of Light delivers an ancestral message through music a message that we must now hear. Includes Kenas, Peruvian whistling vessels, Ronrocos, Armonio, Shaman?s whistles and rattles, Andean Harp, Mocse?o, Charango, Bombos, ceramic drums, Accordion, and other instruments.

All songs composed by Jorge Alfano

Recorded at Sacred Sounds Institue USA

Mixed and Mastered by Randy Crafton at Crafty Productions

Produced by Jorge Alfan

Executive Producer: Nick Fritsch

Photos by Stella Fuse and Jorge Alfano

Copyright 2000 Lyrichord Discs, Inc.

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Full Album: Chasky-Spiritual Treasures Of The Andes
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Track Listing
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1. Chakana 4:36
$ 0.99
2. Chupani 5:19
$ 0.99
3. El Agua Es El Camino 4:49
$ 0.99
4. Llamaqnawi 5:49
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5. Nina Soncco 3:11
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6. Illa Teqse 5:08
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7. Rezo A Munay 5:52
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8. Chasky 3:32
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9. Ritual Chimu 5:16
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10. Samana Wasi 3:32
$ 0.99
11. Ya Me Voy Pa Mi Cuzco 4:50
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