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Ichi On Buttsu

Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin

Over twenty years ago, shakuhachi master Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin established Ki-Sui-An which has since become the largest and most active shakuhachi dojo outside of Japan. He is one of the most widely sought Shakuhachi masters in the world today. His students hail from seventeen states and five countries outside of the United States.
On Ichi On Buttsu, his first Lyrichord CD, Nyogetsu Seldin sumptuously plays seven traditional, and one original composition on several shakuhachis of different lengths. Ichi On Buttsu is a peerless collection of traditional shakuhachi performance, a disc which quite possibly demonstrates the most profound link between music and the ancient Eastern journey toward enlightenment, that has yet been committed to tape.

Full Album
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Full Album: Ichi On Buttsu
$ 9.99
Track Listing
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1. Ifu-Sashi 9:23
$ 1.99
2. Banji 7:27
$ 1.59
3. Omae 5:44
$ 0.99
4. Darani 8:24
$ 1.59
5. Banshiki 6:44
$ 1.59
6. Koku 10:26
$ 1.99
7. Mukaiji 9:29
$ 1.99
8. Kyorei 9:21
$ 1.99