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The Indian Bamboo Flute

Steven Gorn

Two serene performances in the "old world India" style. In the mysterious unfolding of Rag Marwa, the great Bansuri master Gour Goswami evokes the essence of twilight and dusk. Steven Gorn, his American disciple renowned for both his solo work and for his work with Glen Velez, concludes the recording with his rendition of the late night Rag Jog, illustrating the transmission from guru to disciple of this timeless musical tradition. Tabla accompaniment is provided by Samir Mazumder and Ray Spiegel. Digitally remastered under the direction of Steven Gorn.

Produced by Steven Gorn

Digitally remastered under the direction of Steven Gorn

Digital Mastering on the Sonic Solutions System at Digital Soundworks

 Lyrichord Discs Inc.

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Full Album: The Indian Bamboo Flute
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1. Rag Marwa_Sunset Raga 28:06
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2. Rag Jog_Night Raga 16:30
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