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The Ancient Art Music Of China - Yangqin

Lily Yuan

This CD of ancient art music of China presents the yangqin (pronounced yang chin) performed by Lily Yuan, one of the foremost Chinese yangqin players. The instrument is a hammered dulcimer; that is to say, the Chinese version of the East European cimbalom or the Indian and Middle East santur. It has strings stretched over a wooden sound box, and the strings are hit by bamboo beaters. As many Chinese instruments, it came to China through Middle East, and most possibly Persia. Previously, it was an accompaniment instrument. It is only recently that it has become a solo instrument. The repertoire Lily Yuan proposes to us includes old traditional pieces, one dating back more than 1,200 years, all adapted for the yangchin, and some recent works. A gracefully talented musician.

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Full Album: The Ancient Art Music Of China - Yangqin
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1. Dance of the Yao People 7:59
$ 1.59
2. Sacred Purification 5:56
$ 0.99
3. Azalea 6:50
$ 1.59
4. Angelic Fantasy 7:06
$ 1.59
5. Three & Six 3:30
$ 0.99
6. Moonlight on the Spring River 10:27
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7. Music for the General 5:47
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8. The Rain Falls on the Leaves of the Banana Tree 3:23
$ 0.99
9. Suwu the Shepherd 7:43
$ 1.59