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Tibet - Cry Of The Snow Lion

Jeff Beal

Every film score presents a unique dramatic and emotional challenge. Trying to find music to accompany a film that so thoroughly chronicles the richness of Tibetan Buddhism, the political tragedy of occupation, and the countless stories of personal sacrifice and suffering, was a vast puzzle to solve. Utilizing many extraordinary field recordings that the filmmakers captured on their many visits to Tibet, Jeff Beal’s first step was to incorporate these elements into “instruments” with which to write. These field recordings in fact included many inspiring Tibetan chants that became the basis used to create themes and cues including “One Human Life”, “The Celebration”, and fervent title track “Cry of The Snow Lion”. Flute and piano improvisations evolved into the tracks “The Mandala” and “Peace Prayer”. On other tracks the majesty of the film’s images became the artists’ muse. Nawang’s personal relationships with many of the people chronicled in the film added a heightened emotional sensibility to this passionate and radiant work

Tibet: Cry Of The Snow Lion is an enhanced CD containing three music videos featuring footage from the film and a bonus MP3 track “Freedom Suite (Duet for Trumpet and Tibetan Horn)”, believed to be the first ever duet improvisation between a jazz trumpet player and a Tibetan horn player!

Produced by Jeff Beal

Executive producer: Mitchell Markus


Nawang Khechog on Tibetan and other bamboo flutes, vocals, Tibetan long horn, Tibetan bell and cymbal, Digeridoo

The Monks of Namgyal Monastery on vocals

And Jeff Beale on piano, trumpet, keyboards, and electronics

Tracks 1,3,4,7,8,9,11,12,13,15 published by Post Meridian Music and Tibet Universal Music, BMI

All other tracks published by Post Meridian Music BMI

Mixed and Recorded by Jeff Beale at Many Rooms Music

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Full Album: Tibet - Cry Of The Snow Lion
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Track Listing
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1. Hitchhiking To Lhasa 1:59
$ 0.99
2. One Human Life 2:56
$ 0.99
3. Altar Of The Earth 1:56
$ 0.99
4. Long Life Chant 6:33
$ 1.59
5. The Quilt :43
$ 0.99
6. Secret Suffering 2:06
$ 0.99
7. The Celebration 3:23
$ 0.99
8. The Mandala 5:42
$ 0.99
9. Pilgramage 1:47
$ 0.99
10. Purges 2:30
$ 0.99
11. The Prophecy 1:18
$ 0.99
12. Mindfulness 1:38
$ 0.99
13. Peace Prayer 7:06
$ 1.59
14. Strange Liberation 2:17
$ 0.99
15. Great Compassion 6:52
$ 1.59
16. Cry Of The Snow Lion 4:27
$ 0.99