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Meditations on the Gita

Ram Dass

Personnel include: Ram Dass (spoken vocals); John McDowell (various instruments). Ram Dass came to prominence in the 1950s and '60s as Dr. Richard Alpert (one of Dr. Timothy Leary's cohorts in the early experiments with LSD), and has continued a path of personal exploration and spiritual practice ever since. MEDITATIONS ON THE GITA combines readings by Ram Dass from the Bhagavad-Gita with musical accompaniment from a variety of guests. These include keyboardists John McDowell, bansuri player Steve Gorn, and vocalists Diana Rogers and Shyamdas, who join Dass in extended chants. The music is peaceful, soothing, and highlights the pearls of wisdom Das dispenses from the Gita, creating an overall experience conducive to meditation and self-realization.

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Full Album: Meditations on the Gita
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1. Meditation 1 9:30
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2. Meditation 2 7:05
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3. Meditation 3 9:41
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4. Meditation 4 7:41
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5. Meditation 5 11:00
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6. Gita Chant 1:45
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7. Shri Ram Chant 10:35
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