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Songs For The Inner Lover

Deva Premal and Miten

On his first release in six years, Miten delivers a heartfelt musical testament to the redeeming power of self-acceptance. Graced by Deva Premal's vocal harmonies, Miten’s songs take flight, seamlessly blending male/female energy to reveal the healing balance that comes through true connection with the self.

Miten created Songs For The Inner Lover as a soundtrack for the love and life experiences we all share. Insightful lyrics and refreshingly simple, melodic arrangements examine the many faces of love: from its manifestation on the physical plane and the master-disciple relationship to longing for meaningful companionship and the inner dialogues we conduct with ourselves.

Through their long and storied musical and life partnership together, Miten and best-selling mantra singer Deva Premal have created a true heart connection with each other and thousands of adoring fans worldwide. On Songs For The Inner Lover, Miten draws from that nourishing experience to offer a truthful and universal sentiment sure to provide healing comfort to all who are touched by love--or long to be.

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Full Album: Songs For The Inner Lover
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1. So Much Magnificence 7:53
$ 1.59
2. Vertical Reality 5:59
$ 0.99
3. Into The Wind 5:53
$ 0.99
4. Till I Was Loved By You 5:06
$ 0.99
5. Sat Patim 6:54
$ 1.59
6. Ishq Allah 6:00
$ 1.59
7. Heartbeat 6:06
$ 1.59
8. Connection 4:07
$ 0.99
9. Second Chance 5:15
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