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Getting Through It

Illumine Records (Various)

A tasteful and soothing collection of 10 original tracks by some of today's best artists to help those in grief deal with the pain of loss- be it from separation or a death.

The style of music is a mixture of folk, blues, and gospel. The songs and music offered by these talented artists are created from their own experiences and deal with different aspects of grief

Featured music includes songs from Eric Clapton, Harry Dean Stanton and others. Adam Arkin, of Chicago Hope fame, narrates inspirational quotes offered by great authors over a bed of eclectic world music mixed with soothing natural sounds.

ou never get over grief-but this CD can help you get through the hardest part.
Produced and mixed by Richard Feldman

Recorded at Orca Studios

Art direction and design by Lyn Bradley

Musicians: R.Feldman Bobby Hall, Taj Mahal, Toots Hibbert, Jammie James, Tuck Andress, Mike Elisando, “H.W.”Tommy””Thomas

Full Album
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Full Album: Getting Through It
$ 9.99
Track Listing
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1. Some Flowers 6:32
$ 1.59
2. Walking Through The Fire 3:19
$ 0.99
3. Bring Your Mind Back Home 4:21
$ 0.99
4. Band Of Angels 3:12
$ 0.99
5. By And By 2:19
$ 0.99
6. Part Of My Life 4:33
$ 0.99
7. Tears In Heaven 3:39
$ 0.99
8. Sometimes I Forget 4:04
$ 0.99
9. Amazing Grace (Stanton) 1:10
$ 0.99
10. Amazing Grace (Austin) 2:21
$ 0.99