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Body Mind Elements

Body Mind Elements which include members Magnus Frykberg and Awa Manneh was formed in early 2008 with the creation of their very first album for Body Mind practices – Elements™ for Yoga and Body Mind vol. 1. It was created upon request from a familiar Yoga and Pilates teacher who needed great music for her many classes abroad where she struggled with diifferent immaterial rights issues while playing music in classes. So the first album was created with an integrated playlist so that she didn’t have to skip between the songs - brilliant for any teacher in class. The name Elements™ was born and the album was so well received among other teachers and users within the yoga community that Magnus and Awa decided to continue with a second album, following the first recipy of letting a professional be a part of the process to maximize usability for the end user. With the creation of the third album a new member was added; Erik Jansson a pianist who with a solid background within the ”alternative” genre suited the group’s Body Mind profile perfectly. Now with a release of 5 albums within the series Elements™ for Yoga and Body Mind and one Spa album the Band/Label are more committed than ever to keep bringing their own flavoured twist to the Yoga music genre and as more and more people are discovering the highly practical benefits to their albums as well, there’s a great chance they’ll keep serving the yoga community for many years to come.


Elements™ for Yoga and Body Mind vol. 1 - 2008
Elements™ for Yoga and Body Mind vol. 2 - 2009
Elements™ for Yoga and Body Mind vol. 3 ”Spa Sessions” - 2010
Elements™ for Yoga and Body Mind vol. 4 ”Chakra” - 2010
Elements™ for Yoga and Body Mind vol. 5 ” Vinyasa Flow” - 2011
Elements™ for Spa – 2011

Band Members:

Magnus Frykberg is a music producer/songwriter and Co-founder of Body Mind Elements. He’s won swedish grammies for his producing skills and other prestigious awards and the list of artist collaborations is long containing names of both swedish and international artists like Titiyo, Lisa Miskovsky, Kent, Eagle-eye Cherry, Jay Jay Johnson, Robyn, Blacknuss

Awa Manneh is a songwriter/producer and Co-founder of Body Mind Elements. She’s released music and toured under her own name since 2001 parallel to working as a songwriter for artists around the world such as reggae superstars Maxi Priest, Etana, Sanchez, House-duo Tyken and more. She currently also runs the daily operations of the label.

Erik Jansson is a pianist and producer who joined Body Mind Elements in 2010 and has been involved in all albums from vol. 3 and forward.
He’s been a part of the international artist Jay Jay Johnsons’ many projects through the years, touring the world constantly since 1995.