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Mariah Betts

Mariah has been a student of yoga since 1998, primarily studying Forrest, Iyengar and Vinyasa Yoga. As an athlete and competitive ski racer, she found yoga as a way to gain greater body awareness and mental focus. Her interest in the physical and psychological benefits of yoga was a perfect complement to her Bachelor of Science (BsC) in Health Psychology at Bastyr University and later her work as a Holistic Health Counselor. Mariah has been a studio owner who co-wrote and delivered Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training courses in Cape Town, South Africa. She is now based in New York and the western part of the USA.

Mariah’s diverse and dedicated yogic path, her passion for the medicine of movement and breath, her commitment to accessing the subtler, energetic parts of our being through the physical practice of yoga and her careful attention to alignment in action, are all interwoven into her unique style of teaching. Mariah’s classes offer a safe, inspiring and light-hearted space for students’ to go deep into their practice without force and to use movement and breath to move through challenges on the mat and in life. Her carefully curated sequences and keen awareness of the subtleties of the physical and energetic body encourage students to reveal their Light and cultivate strength and flexibility of both mind and body.