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Kierstie Dolezal

Kierstie has been a yoga practitioner for over 15 years and is a 200 HR ERYT. She has an extensive fitness background from her experience as a national level competitive gymnast as well as a BA in Psychology. She has combined her love for movement of the physical body with her interests in personal development to build a repertoire of holistic healing skills. Kierstie has done many in-depth trainings, workshops, and countless other higher learning modalities to expand her yogic knowledge. She has also studied under many different highly respected yogis around the globe. Kierstie has lead teacher trainings, mentorships, and retreats. She currently resides in San Diego where she owns her own yoga business as well as a wellness-focused marketing agency with her husband. Her teachings focus on transforming and encouraging students to awaken their internal power and seek their utmost, authentic selves. Kierstie provides a range of unique classes from restorative, yin, thought-provoking meditations and strong, upbeat, and playful vinyasa flows. She enjoys teaching a style that incorporates the ancient traditions of yoga while combining new age philosophies with her fun, lighthearted spirit. Kierstie is a nature fanatic, world traveler, and dog lover who vows that yoga has awakened her connection to the divine, as well as changed her relationship with herself and with the world around her. She believes that everyone can receive something magnificent from yoga and she seeks to helps everybody with their quest to find that purpose, peace, and balance that exists within all of us.