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Julie Rader

Julie Rader has been studying yoga and meditation since childhood. As a child she learned to use mental imagery from her mother to improve gymnastics routines. It appeared to work as she won several national gymnastic competitions and went on to become an All American springboard diver in college. With a BA in Psychology and a MS in Physiology of Exercise, Julie has a strong knowledge of the mind/body connection. In 2002, Julie spent three months at an ashram in Sweden learning Kriya yoga, deep tantric meditations, under Swami Janakanada, from the Bihar school of Yoga philosophy. During this time 33 days were spent without talking, reading or writing. Julie also taught yoga and learned tai chi in China. Julie continued to study Kriya Yoga in India at the Bihar School of Yoga ashram in Rikhia. Julie owned and managed Mukti Yoga Studio in Manhattan Beach, California. She is now focusing on leading yoga teacher trainings, and retreats as well as working with professional athletes and teaching corporate yoga workshops. Julie has been leading 200-hour yoga alliance approved teacher trainings since 2004 and is now leading 500-hour graduate teacher trainings. Her teaching style includes a blend of vinyasa flow, tantric meditations, tai chi, and anusara. Every class is a journey and just like life no class is ever the same. A truly balanced person has their feet firmly grounded and their head up in the clouds.