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20 min class (20:00)
$ 3.99
30 min class (30:00)
$ 4.99
Stream Download Pose Guide
20 min. class (20:00)
$ 3.99
30 min. class (30:00)
$ 4.99

Chakra Balancing Yoga

Natalie Maisel

Chakras are energy centers in your body that affect you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This unique class uses yoga poses, visualization and breathing techniques to help you bring balance to each of the Chakra locations in your body. Natalie begins the class in relaxing Savasana and then moves you into a seated forward bend while guiding you to concentrate on the red light illuminating from your Root Chakra. She then moves through each of the Chakra locations in this manner, taking you into poses where you can focus on the corresponding color of light associated with each of the Chakras.

This is a gentle flowing class where Natalie expertly uses visualizations along with notes of inspiration to guide you to a place of balance and serenity.

The 30 minute class includes a 10 minute Chakra meditation at the end.

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