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60 min. class (1:00:00)
$ 6.99
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Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga 2

Dave Farmar

This beginner class, taught by Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher, Dave Farmar, is the perfect introduction to this invigorating style of yoga. Dave expertly guides you through the basics of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga while keeping a steady pace to create an incredible workout.

Dave is not only highly skilled with his instruction and cuing, but also brings his own flavor to his classes by adding tidbits of witty insights throughout that will make you laugh out loud. You will both laugh and sweat as you step out of the external world and and into the amazing world of Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga!

This beginner class was created for newbies, but is also a great opportunity for you more experienced practitioners to work of your form and alignment!

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