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Lammas Ritual (12:41)
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Lammas Ritual

Natalie Maisel

Lammas or Lughnassad, Aug. 1 or 2nd, marks the time of the first harvest festival and the death of the Celtic Sun God Lugh – the many skilled one. Summer in the northern hemisphere is at it’s height and autumn beckons in the near future. The first corn is harvested to become the grain and bread for the cold months of winter and the people gave great thanks and trusted that the Great Goddess would provide for an abundant harvest to supply them through the winter season.

This ritual will included a guided meditation to the ancient and sacred hill of Tara in Ireland and the opportunity to recognize and celebrate your many skills and talents -- all of those things that make you uniquely YOU! You will also enjoy the grains of the first harvest with a bread baking and/or eating ritual.

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