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A comprehensive look at both topics through an exclusively yogic lens.

Anatomy and Alignment

online yoga teacher training program

Investment: $720



The Anatomy & Alignment online course is a comprehensive look at both topics through an exclusively yogic lens. You learn key muscle, bone, joint and connective structures along with terms of movement and alignment principles that foster both understanding and the safe application of asana for a wide range of considerations and abilities.

In this module, you learn:

  • - Anatomy for yoga utilizing a state-of-the art app that provides you with x-ray vision of the poses
  • - All the key structures of the body: bones, muscles, joints and a dynamic, fun way to increase understanding and application within your practice
  • - Basic alignment guidelines that give you the tools to unlock the alignment of any posture
  • - How to address a wide variety of body types and challenges in order to use asana as a therapeutic and transformational tool
  • - Recognize basic injuries and how to modify postures accordingly to promote healing

This course features interactive testing and assignments that allow you to work with our esteemed mentors as you hone and refine your skills. Throughout the course, you are asked to upload video and written assignments that demonstrate your learning and development in these areas, while giving you an opportunity to receive helpful feedback from our mentors to promote growth. Upon successful completion, you receive a certificate saying you have demonstrated proficiency in the skills learned throughout this course.


The course can be done alone as continued education or as part of one of our online teching certification programs. To be eligible for certification in The Kaivalya Yoga Method with at the 200 hour level and be entered in our online registry of approved teachers, you must complete modules 1-3. For the 500 hour certification you must complete all 6 modules offered, as well as the Final Teaching Culmination module. Access to the Final Teaching Culmination module is granted after all 6 modules are satisfactorily completed.

Questions? Join Alanna every Wednesday (8pm EDT) for a live webinar where she will go over details of the program and answer all of your questions. Or read through our FAQ for common questions and answers about the program.