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2-Week Yoga Challenge for Busy People
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Do you seek the benefits of a consistent yoga practice, but are feeling short on time? This 2-Week Yoga Challenge for Busy People is your perfect solution! We've made fitting a yoga challenge into an already busy schedule easier for you for this time, by offering concise, and effective classes, that are all 30-minutes or less. With zero commute time and no need to find parking, these shorter practices will allow you to finally reap the benefits of a daily yoga practice, even with your hectic schedule!

2 weeks in a row of a consistent yoga practice has the power to make a lasting and positive impact on your well-being. Whether you're motivated to get into better physical shape, want to get into yoga for the emotional and mental benefits, or just want to challenge yourself, this challenge will help you achieve your goals without an excessive time commitment. 

In addition to access to the classes outlined below, you’ll get daily emails with your class options + inspiration and an opportunity to share your challenge experience with a community of online yogis from all over the world. Accept our challenge to do yoga for 2 weeks and discover just how good you can look and feel, even with your busy schedule! 

14 Yoga Challenge for Busy People


Curated yoga classes between 15-30 minutes every day for two weeks.



Welcome to Day 10 of the 2-Week Yoga Challenge for Busy People! 

You have 5 practices to go! Keep in mind, the practice is staying present in each and every class, although it can be easier to look ahead to the finish line now. Challenge yourself to experience each and every moment on your mat as fully as you can.

Today we bring you two nourishing classes designed to make you feel more bliss! Find refuge in Elise's slow and purposeful full-body class, or open your heart with Kristin's class focused on the back. Enjoy your class!

Feel Blissful:

Reset Refuge: Bliss Out & Be Blessed with Elise Fabricant

30 min class | Level: All Levels | Intensity: Ahhhhhh

Experience the blissful benefits of a soft and smooth practice. In this Reset Refuge class, you'll combine a gentle flow with hip openers, twists, self massage, pranayama and mudra to enhance the well-being of your entire body. Allow yourself to receive all of the juiciness this practice will bring to your mind, body and soul! ​

Elise recommends using the following playlist for this class: Reset Refuge


Healthy Backs: Nurturing Hope Through Backbends with Kristin Gibowicz

30 min class | Level: Intermediate I Intensity: You'll Feel It

What does embodied hope look like? Is life weighing you down or are you walking with your head high and with an open heart full of hope. This practice incorporates nourishing backbends like sphinx, floor blow and even an opportunity to cultivate Ardha Chandra Chapasana (half-moon bow pose). Backbends energize and help us counter and strengthen our modern and chronic postural patterns. You can take this slow or customize with vinyasa transitions to build heat.

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