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Turmeric Toddy Recipe

Posted on 10/25/2016 by Jason Crandell in balance self-care Vata Doshas Jason Crandell Ginger Fall Recipes Turmeric Toddy Recipe

I went to Portland this year to teach at Yoga Pearl and, fortunately for me there is a delicious restaurant right inside the studio, called Prasad. Equally as lucky, the food there is amazing. I was nursing a little traveler’s cold when I got there and became addicted to the Turmeric Toddy. We’re so happy that Karen Pride and Brittney Galloway, the creators of Portland’s popular health food establishments Prasad and Harlow are sharing the recipe with us!

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How to Take Charge of Your Life

Posted on 10/25/2016 by Candace Moore in recharge Life Lessons How to Take Charge of Your Life Candace Moore Reset Gratitude

One of the biggest life lessons I've been learning over the past year is that I need to take time for myself. I've known this for years, but stress played a major, major role in my life last summer, which culminating in me taking a full week off to get my $h!t together.

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Featured Pose: Natarajasana or Dancer's Pose

Posted on 10/25/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Asana Practice Yoga Featured Pose Natarajasana Dancer's Pose Shiva Lord of Dance

Natarajasana, or Dancer's Pose, is a glorious heart-opening posture that challenges balance while lengthening the chest and spinal muscles. Also referred to as Lord of the Dance pose, Natarajasana stimulates the Heart Chakra (Anahata) and the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna), to help the practitioner feel more grateful, forgiving, focused, intuitive, and free. 

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4 Classes to Shake The Ghosts

Posted on 10/25/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Be Present Seasons of Life Featured Classes Shake the Ghosts

The spirits are stirring this time of year, which means that some of you might be conjuring your own personal demons (again). We all have a few ghosts from the past and skeletons in our closet that like to haunt our memories – and we’re going to help you shake them out and clear your spiritual cobwebs.

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New Moon in Scorpio (10/30/16) — Walking Through the Shadow to Reveal the Light

Posted on 10/24/2016 by Alanna Kaivalya in Alanna Kaivalya Alchemical Ritual Healing Energy Astrological Reading New Moon in Scorpio Personal Freedom

This Scorpio new moon calls us to initiate ourselves into the watery depths of our unconscious. Whether it be through occult practices, transformational rituals, psychotherapy, shadow work or anything that ushers us “beyond the veil,” now is the time to walk into the underworld. Most of us strive to stay in the light, ignoring the dark and repressing that which needs to be addressed for us to be truly free. We can no longer resist the change that is upon us, and ignore the power of the shadow within.

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Raw Cacao Bites

Posted on 10/16/2016 by Conscious Cleanse in The Conscious Cleanse Cacao Gluten-Free Antioxidants Whole Food Diet

The other night we had our cleanse-friendly community dinner at Zeal and we met a young woman who had severe eczema. Allergy tests confirmed several food intolerances, chocolate being one of them. As diehard chocolate lovers, of course, we gasped. Allergic to chocolate? What could be worse? True to form, we started to dig deeper. This young woman, all of 13 years of age, wasn’t allergic to chocolate, she was allergic to dairy! So we asked her if she had ever tried cacao. Not to be confused with cocoa (or cocoa powder), cacao is the purest form of chocolate you can eat. Bitter in taste, cacao beans look a lot like coffee beans. All chocolate and cocoa is made by heating cacao beans, so the raw, less processed version, cacao is always our first go-to choice when living our 80:20 lifestyle.

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Na'maste at Home with YogaDownload and Roku

Posted on 10/16/2016 by YogaDownload .com in self-care Practice Yoga Take Yoga Anywhere ROKU Meditation Pranayama yoga Kundalini Yoga

Do you ever feel like yoga should be more accessible? It has become harder with our fast-paced lives to get our practice in. Especially in a highly digital world, we have become more and more distracted. Instead of staying centered and trusting our internal compass, we’re pulled in a million directions. What’s the solution?

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Midlife Yoga Crisis

Posted on 10/16/2016 by J. Brown in J. Brown Yoga Midlife Yoga Crisis Challenges of a Yoga Teacher

Coming of age in the yoga profession means facing changing realities and shifting priorities. The majority of yoga teachers start out in the profession at an early time in their lives. But as the viability of old models wanes and independent players have less impact in the face of up-scaled operations, long-term prospects for careers in yoga are less apparent. For those whose passion cannot be deterred by the odds, their faith and trust in practice will likely be tested. This year marks the twentieth that I have made my living solely from teaching yoga. It’s hard to believe that the desperate stumble I took into yoga in my early twenties has morphed a life, replete with a family, a yoga center, and a multi-media platform. There was truly no plan. I’ve just been diligent in practice, showed up consistently, taught the best class I knew how, and it has panned out well enough so far.

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Yoga Breathing: The Three Part Breath

Posted on 10/16/2016 by Ashley Josephine in Yoga Sutras self-care Chakras enlightenment Ashley Josephine Bandhas Three Part Breath Abdominal Thoracic Breathing

Yama Niyama Asana Pranayama Pratyahara Dharana Dhyana Samadhi. In English (my translation): Be a good person, take care of your Self, be aware of your posture, control your energy, withdraw from your external senses, concentrate, meditate, allow total integration. These are the steps on the path, outlined in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, to enlightenment. I have talked about the Yamas and Niyamas a little bit, the whole world is obsessed with posture, albeit not always healthy posture, meditation is gaining popularity, and the other steps are pretty much forgotten. There are many reasons for this. It’s hard to teach the Yamas and Niyamas unless you’re ready for a self-help course with a philosophy book as a reading requirement. Sense withdrawal is the nicer way of saying sensory deprivation and that is being sold the same way tanning is sold these days. Concentration sounds boring, even though we all know it’s necessary and we could probably use it more then ever what with all the distractions of the internet. Total integration is admittedly optimistic, unrealistic, and metaphysical sounding all at the same time, so I get why people stay away.

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Essential Sequence: Neck, Shoulders, and Upper Back

Posted on 10/16/2016 by Jason Crandell in Downward Dog Jason Crandell Yoga Practice Essential Sequence Yoga for Shoulders Tadasana Virasana

Your shoulders have a lot of moving parts. Each shoulder has 4 joints (GH, AC, SC, ST), plus layers and layers of soft tissues that include muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When you add the physical demands that the shoulders undergo on a daily basis to the complexity of the region, you wind up with an unavoidable truth: Your shoulders need regular—if not daily maintenance—if you want your upper-body to be functional and comfortable. We frequently take our body for granted. Even as yoga practitioners, we often forget the intricate subtlety and profound majesty of the body. When we take our body for granted, we forget that it needs our attention and care. We forget that our body needs regular—if not daily maintenance—especially as our body ages. I’ve watched my body through my yoga practice for 20 years and it’s finally become clear that my shoulders, neck, and upper-back need a simple, quick, daily practice if I want them to work optimally. I created the following sequence for myself a few months ago and I’ve been extremely consistent with it. It’s usually not the entirety of my practice or training on any given day. Rather, it’s a supplement. It’s simple, basic, and hugely effective. Think about it as the equivalent of brushing your teeth or taking a shower. It’s just basic hygiene that helps you feel better.

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How to #GoYourOmWay with Claire Petretti-Marti

Posted on 10/11/2016 by Claire Petretti-Marti in true self Yoga Practice Claire Petretti-Marti #GoYourOmWay Follow Your Heart Live with Authenticity Yogic Path

What does it mean to "Go Your OM Way? Where to begin? To me, this hashtag directly translates to follow your passion or trust your heart. We receive so many conflicting messages from the world, be it from our parents, our friends, our workplace, or our community in general. Often, our true passion or dharma in life becomes subjugated to the expectations of others and we find ourselves living a life that doesn’t feel authentic.

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Essential Reads

Posted on 10/9/2016 by Adam Hocke in Adam Hocke Inspiration Essential Reads Yoga Books Yoga Practice Spiritual Guide

A confession: I’m a book worm. I was recently asked by a teacher during a guided meditation, “Where do you find refuge?”. In other words, where do I go for support, reassurance, and inspiration? Where is my safe harbour? I immediately thought of my books! My library of spiritual guides and how-tos of yoga practice and meditation shout pretty loud and clear to me “You are not alone. Many have walked this path.” I take refuge in this great tradition of teaching and go to it when my spirits are low or if I need a good kick in the bum. Whenever I am lost in this big world of yoga, I recall Joan Didion’s directive from The Year of Magical Thinking: “Read, learn, work it up, go to the literature.” Here are my essentials.

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Mid-Morning, Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

Posted on 10/9/2016 by Andrea Ferretti in Cacao Smoothie Raw Chocolate Andrea Ferretti Antioxidants Pick Me Up Smoothie

Coffee seems to be one of those foods that’s either vilified or celebrated in the media. Since having my daughter, I am on Team Celebrate Coffee, but it seems most important to determine what works for your personal constitution. You can certainly make this smoothie without the coffee component. Between the coffee, the raw cacao, and the cinnamon, this is a smoothie that’s packed with antioxidants.

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A Spotlight on Kundalini's Healing Practice

Posted on 10/9/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Kundalini Yoga Yogi Bhajan Coiled Snake Awakening Guru Jagat Featured Classes Chakras Demystify Yoga

We’ve got something new for you this month. In the interest of exposing you to a broad range of yoga, we’re excited to roll out new Kundalini classes and practices with Guru Jagat from the Rama Institute for Applied Yogic Science and Technology. If you aren’t familiar with Kundalini, you aren’t alone. More mysticism surrounds this style of yoga than most others. Do you have to wear white? No. Is it a religion? No. And, what’s this about coiled serpents? How can this ancient practice apply to me in this modern age where I’m just seeking to find a mind-body connection?

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Full Moon in Aries (10/16/16) - It’s Time to Shine, You Crazy Diamond

Posted on 10/8/2016 by Alanna Kaivalya in Alanna Kaivalya Inspiration Alchemical Ritual Full Moon Cycle Astrological Reading Aries Full Moon

The Full moon in Aries invites us to take charge of our lives and think outside the box. You know you have it in you: the will to do what inspires you most. Take advantage of this sacred energy and put this power to use. Aries carries the energy and passion of our drives and urges into the world. When used wisely, this energy is unstoppable and a force for positive change and growth. If you’ve been playing small up until now…stop. It doesn’t serve you or your gifts. Those who would benefit from what you have to share are waiting for you to make your move.

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5 Fall Activities to Do to Improve Focus

Posted on 10/5/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Mind Body Connection Drishti Natural Environment Fall Activities Improve Focus

Among the core tenets of yoga philosophy, drishti—a Sanskrit term referring to immersive mental concentration—can expand, deepen and recalibrate that intrinsic mind–body connection during your practice. In order to experience these benefits for your well being, however, you must become attuned to every nuance of movement on your mat, from the postures and energy flow to breath work. The best part: you can practice to reach this desired degree of focus off the mat, just as effectively, through other pursuits that sharpen both cognitive function and physical dexterity. The following autumn inspired activities can help yogis everywhere, from the disciplined veteran to the untrained novice, improve their drishti throughout this beautiful and transformational time of year.

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Harness Your Personal Power And Live Life Fully

Posted on 10/4/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Prana Dharma Manipura Live with Authenticity Life Force Higher Vibration Live Life to the Fullest Harness Personal Power

Are you living your life to the fullest? Have you done the work to uncover your beautiful shining light? Living your most authentic life? And, if so, are you sharing it with the world? Consider this: you already possess the power and strength to do whatever it is you want to do. Each one of us is born with a special gift, a potential that when realized allows us to shine beyond our wildest dreams. Yoga offers the tools to help harness your prana and unleash your unique energy to live a life without limits.

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Get the Most Out of Your Practice

Posted on 10/3/2016 by Jackie Casal Mahrou in Intention Awareness Yoga Practice Awakening To Your Purpose Get the Most Out of Your Practice

Yoga is an invitation to grow—to wake up and to experience your life in the most fulfilling way. The true transformation is more than just a physical change in your appearance—it’s an awakening of your inner strength, freedom and perception. There are no guarantees to this awakening though. You have to be willing to do the work, stay the course when you hit a wall or plateau, and allow your yoga practice to be about more than just your body.

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Be Unapologetically You

Posted on 10/3/2016 by Dave Ursillo in Yoga Journey Live with Authenticity Be Unapologetically You Aim True Dave Ursillo

At the end of every yoga class I teach, I conclude with a prayer. It sounds a little different every time. But I usually say: “Begin to slowly awaken here, noting the symbolic journey from death into new life: from the pose of the corpse, savasana, into this shape of new life, the fetal position; how we all entered this world. This is symbolic of the journey, of the death of ignorance — feeling fractured, unwhole, anything less than divine — thanks to the journey of yoga. And here now, we emerge into new life: the new you, the true you, the whole and yoked you. That is yoga. Remember that today is not yet over. That you always have an opportunity to begin again, to start anew, to be you, to choose your Self and be unapologetically you.”

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Let's Get Intimate: Going All the Way With Food

Posted on 10/3/2016 by Maddie Berky in Healthy Eating mindful eating Maddie Berky Intimate with Food

Life is one beautiful mess of relationships. We can classify them. We can put them in quotes. We can add that extra long, extra inquisitive inflection at the end, but are we in a relationship? Some are transitory. Some are so interwoven into our fabric we can forget that we are separate from them. We can forget that they each deserve reflection and intention. We can forget that they are, no matter what, intimate.

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Unity Not Uniformity

Posted on 10/3/2016 by Kristin Magill Gibowicz in Hope Peace Community Unity Featured Teacher Kristin Magil Gibowitz

One of the most influential people in my life was John Magill, a Presbyterian minister and my grandfather. I remember his warm, soft hand holding mine when I was a little girl squeezing it as we sang, “let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.” At a young age, I developed a deep conviction that I would do something about spreading peace. It was this same conviction that led me to get on a bus when I was 11 years old and travel 5 hours across the state of Pennsylvania and joined the 6.5 million people in the Hands Across America human chain.

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Libra New Moon - Get Creating and Start Relating

Posted on 9/29/2016 by Alanna Kaivalya in Alanna Kaivalya Spirituality Libra New Moon Celebration

A Libra new moon invites us to get creating and start relating. Libra loves the arts, music and anything beautiful, so this is a good time to immerse yourself in the divine beauty all around you. Any excuse to work with your creative faculties should be taken advantage of, as this new moon sparks the beginning of new artistic works for you. Libra is also the great relator — no matter what kind of relationship needs tending in your life, the Libra energy from this new moon fuels the fire of intimacy.

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Featured Pose: Padmasana or Lotus Pose

Posted on 9/28/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Featured Pose Padmasana Lotus Pose Pratyahara enlightenment Self-Awareness Meditation Strength

As one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, the lotus stands for enlightenment and self-awareness. It has its roots in the mud, at the bottom of streams and ponds, but rises to blossom above the water without becoming wet or tainted by the mire below. It symbolically represents being fully grounded in our truths, yet aspiring past suffering and negativity towards our truest forms.

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Fall Equinox Seasonal Check In

Posted on 9/28/2016 by Ashley Josephine in Perspective Self Reflection Svadhyaya Ashley Josephine Fall Equinox Seasonal Check In Seasonal Changes

Roughly every three months, the season changes. In some places in the world seasonal changes are quite evident. It others, it feels the same for most of the year. I’ve always been a fan of seasons because I like variety. With each new season brings a change in perspective, whether we consciously think about it or not. New fresh fruits and vegetables, new available activities, new temperatures, new clothing to meet those temperatures and associated forms of precipitation, new colors.

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Mindfulness, Meditation, Mastery: Welcome To Your Mind

Posted on 9/28/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Yoga Sutras Benefits of Meditation Meditation Compassion Be Present Quiet the Mind Seat of Awareness Dhyana Practice of Medtation Mindfulness national yoga month

Meditation teaches us how distracted we really are. We just don’t usually notice because we are so distracted. Most of us generally have the same series of redundant thoughts circling around in our mind, over and over and over again. In our society, we are so focused on getting somewhere, getting what we want, the “if only” syndrome so to speak. If only we can just get this job, this house, this person, fill in the blank, then we’ll be happy. When we are operating from this mindset, we aren’t focused on the here and now.

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Midlife Yoga Crisis

Posted on 9/27/2016 by J. Brown in J. Brown Yoga mainstream yoga Yoga Professionals Midlife Yoga Crisis Trust Yourself

Coming of age in the yoga profession means facing changing realities and shifting priorities. The majority of yoga teachers start out in the profession at an early time in their lives. But as the viability of old models wanes and independent players have less impact in the face of up-scaled operations, long-term prospects for careers in yoga are less apparent. For those whose passion cannot be deterred by the odds, their faith and trust in practice will likely be tested.

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Vegan Kabocha Cake

Posted on 9/27/2016 by Mipa Lee in Pumpkin Seasonal Eating Kabocha Cake Treat Yourself Plant Cafe Seoul Vegan Baked Goods

It’s always best to eat foods that are in-season, and I recently got some pure kabocha flour and simply had to put it to good use. :) It’s 100% kabocha that has been dried and turned into a fine powder. I think I actually prefer this to cans of pumpkin puree because it’s very easy to measure, you don’t have to worry about what to do with any awkward leftovers, and it gives an intense pumpkin flavor and bright orange color to baked goods.

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What Chakras Can Teach Us

Posted on 9/26/2016 by Aimee Hughes in Awareness Aimee Hughes N.D. Sushumna Nadi What Chakras Can Teach Us Subtle Energy

What are the chakras? According to yoga, our inner bodies are full of subtle energy. This energy moves along a central channel called the sushumna nadi. These centers are thought to be doorways into the depths of awareness – awareness that is within the body, outside the body and also can expand in such depth that we come to realize the innate vastness of our true nature.

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Spiced Baked Apples

Posted on 9/21/2016 by Conscious Cleanse in The Conscious Cleanse Fall Recipes Low Sugar Plan Spiced Baked Apples Seasonal Eating

The inspiration for today’s recipe came from past cleanse participants who elected to try our new Low Sugar Plan. Who is the Low Sugar Plan for? Simply put it’s for those of us who struggle with our weight, mood swings, hormone issues, anxiety, and/or insomnia. It’s for those of us who have an insatiable sweet tooth!

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Celebrate Simplicity: Achieving Balance Through Hatha

Posted on 9/20/2016 by YogaDownload .com in Pranayama Hatha Yoga Chakras Yoga Path Energetic Patterns Sushumna Nadi Achieving Balance Through Hatha

Do you ever get confused with all the labels attached to yoga practices today? There is hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, power yoga, yin yoga, vinyasa yoga, flow yoga, hot yoga— and the list seems to keep growing. For starters, classic hatha yoga is often referred to as the umbrella under which any practice that includes physical postures resides. 'Ha-' is Sanskrit for sun and '-tha' means moon. Thus, hatha yoga is based on creating balance between our masculine qualities—active, hot, sun—and feminine ones—receptive, cool, moon.

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