DIY Yoga Festival

Posted on 7/23/2014 by Yoga Download

Let's be realistic: it can take a lot of cash (and vacation time) to get yourself to one of this summer’s epic yoga gatherings. Not everyone can do that, but we all deserve the special experience. We made a yoga festival you can have at home – and it even includes top marquee yoga teachers! Welcome to the first annual DIY Yoga Festival – gather your friends, your mat and set your intention to fun for one day this weekend.

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Become Unbound from Fear

Posted on 7/23/2014 by Hayley Hobson in Being Present Hayley Hobson overcome fear

Do you remember the last time you felt real fear?

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Raw Buckwheat Fruit Bars

Posted on 7/23/2014 by Conscious Cleanse in healthy recipes The Conscious Cleanse granola bars

Who doesn’t love a good granola bar? If you’re like us, you’ve grown up with them as a staple in the “healthy snack” department. And let’s face it, there’s nothing more convenient than grabbing one of these pre-packaged bars as we’re running out the door.

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Smoothie ABCs

Posted on 7/15/2014 by Conscious Cleanse in Smoothie Recipe The Conscious Cleanse

Doing your ABCs is an acronym for “always be cleansing,” but it doesn’t mean that you should be on a formal cleanse year-round. Rather, it’s the idea that you can realistically eat and live in a way that supports detoxification and optimal digestion all the time.

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The Practice of Patience

Posted on 7/15/2014 by Diane Sieg in patience Diane Seig retreat

Patience is being completely open to each moment, accepting it in it’s fullness, and acknowledging things unfold in their own time.

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Embrace This Gift Called Life

Posted on 7/7/2014 by Dana Damara in Dana Damara healing emotional pain

It’s amazing to me … this life, this body we walk around in, our thoughts, our dreams. This entire existence we call life. I slept through a good portion of mine, mainly because I was in pain and didn’t really know how to deal with it. Had no tools at all! I kept running into pain and after falling down over and over again, I began to numb, to stuff and ignore my pain. Traversing through life above my pain was my coping mechanism. Putting it away for another time was easier.

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Balancing Out the Heat

Posted on 7/7/2014 by Sarah Platt-Finger in finding balance Yoga Energy Sarah Platt-Finger

Let’s face it: summer in the city can be intense. The heat makes us irritable, impatient, and easily frustrated. There are many common ways to cool down such as blasting the A/C but that can be a great waste of energy, or weighing in at your nearest self-serve frozen yogurt shop but that can add up on the body and in the bank. The ancient seers of India had their own internal cooling system that comes from the traditional healing science known as Ayurveda.

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Simple Fixes for Summertime Itches

Posted on 7/1/2014 by Hayley Hobson in Hayley Hobson summer remedies

I hate bugs. I was standing with a friend of mine, talking, completely unaware he had a preying mantis on his shoulder till the thing jumped onto my face!

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Patriotic Green Smoothie

Posted on 6/30/2014 by Conscious Cleanse in Smoothie Recipe The Conscious Cleanse

Happy 4th of July! In the spirit of freedom day, I created the Red White and Blue Green Smoothie. I find that if I start my day off right with a boat load of fresh fruit and dark leafy greens, the rest of the day just seems to go better.

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The Truth (and Tales) about Water

Posted on 6/24/2014 by Hayley Hobson in healthy living Hayley Hobson

Remember how you used to be told that if you were feeling thirsty, you were already dehydrated? Well, that isn’t true. Your body isn’t designed to tell you when you’re too late, it’s designed to trigger the thirst mechanism when it is time to drink something – BEFORE you are dehydrated!

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