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Pros and Cons of Yoga Teacher Training

Posted on 7/7/2015 by J. Brown in Yoga Teachers 200-hour standard Old-school practitioners J. Brown Yoga

Yoga teachers don't really make a living off teaching yoga classes anymore. Many rely upon conducting yoga teacher training. But contrary to popular belief, this trend may have less to do with the business or marketing inclinations of yoga teachers and more to do with the purchasing and study habits of the yoga-going public.

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Posted on 7/3/2015 by Conscious Cleanse in 80:20 Cleansing Kiwitini Conscious Cocktail detox retox Kiwi-Tini TGIF Conscious Detox

It’s Friday and that means it’s Conscious Cocktail time!

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How to manifest what you want (and why positive thoughts aren't enough

Posted on 7/2/2015 by Teresa Bigelow in The Secret love Universe Keep Yourself Healthy

It seems like ever since The Secret hit shelves, everyone from housewives to college students to investment bankers are evangelists of the positive thinking movement.

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Why I Move

Posted on 7/2/2015 by Adam Hocke in Meditation Savasana Adam Hocke Downward-facing dog basic goodness

I continually ask myself and reconsider what I’m actually doing and teaching others to do in asana. I often refer back to the great teachers on what they have to say. Beyond the mechanics of making shapes, there is, for me, a profound process under way.

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What are the Chakras? And...Why Should I be Interested?

Posted on 6/28/2015 by Jennifer Meek in Asana Jennifer Meek Chakras Root Chakra Sacral Chakra Solar Plexus Chakra

Every living thing has energy...plants, animals, humans, etc. In the yogic tradition we have energy centers that house particular qualities that affect our overall physical and psychological well being.

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Creamy Vegan Mac and Cheese

Posted on 6/28/2015 by Conscious Cleanse in 80:20 Brown Rice Pasta Cashew Cream Sauce Family Dish Kid Friend Mac and Cheese

Boy oh boy do we have some good news for you today! You’ve asked us to do a Conscious Cleanse makeover to the ultimate comfort food and the day has finally arrived!

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7 Reasons Men Should Do Yoga: Gentlemen Get on Your Mats

Posted on 6/19/2015 by Jake Panasevich in yoga Jake Panasevich Improve diet Improve Sleep Relieves Stress

While women are still the majority in yoga classes, there's a strong movement of men not only trying yoga, but striving both on and off the mat.

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Happy Hip Stretches

Posted on 6/19/2015 by Ashley Josephine in Happy Hip Stetches Short Practice Preventative Measures Tight hips

OK, I admit that happy hip stretches is a bit of an oxymoron as almost no one I know genuinely loves the feeling of stretching out tight hips. That s$!t hurts!

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Harnessing Lakshmi Energy: The Power of Inner Grace

Posted on 6/19/2015 by Kimi Marin in love Beauty Abundace Grace Kimi Marin Energy Mindful Lakshmi

A few years ago I visited a girlfriend in Southern California. I was preparing for my Yogic Lore Flow workshop on the Hindu goddesses and spent the week in her lush backyard garden meditating on Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, beauty, and grace. I came to understand Lakshmi’s power of bestowing beauty, abundance, and grace is directly attributed to her ability to recognize the exquisiteness of every moment, every flower, every day, and every smile.

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Posted on 6/19/2015 by Dana Damara in Dana Damara Power Imbalance of Power Power over Money Afraid

I love this word, power. Powerful, powerless, powering through, empowered … it’s so versatile and strong and well, powerful.

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