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Beginner Yoga 101
A 5 class series for absolute beginners. 5-star rating!
Beginner Power Yoga w/ Jackie
Everything you need to develop a strong foundation in Power Yoga
Basic Beginner Yoga Program
A concise introduction to the practice of yoga. The perfect starter package for anyone brand new.
Beginner's Journey Program
Everything from the Basic Beginner Series + 7 extra classes to journey beyond the basics.
5-Day Evening Yoga Challenge
These short classes will help you transition out of your workday so that you can end each day on a high note.
Yoga for Weight Loss Program
Lose weight and change your life through the amazing power of yoga.
HardCORE Yoga Program
A challenging program designed to get you into incredible shape.
Empower Your Potential
These classes will inspire you to bust outside of your comfort zone. Arm balances, inversions and power flows .
Yoga for Detox, Cleansing, & Vitality
This 7-class program is designed with classes to support your body's natural cleansing abilities.
Yoga for Detox: Overindulgence
A program to help release physical, mental, and emotional toxicity.
7-Day Heart Opening Program
Use this 7 days of intensive yoga and meditation practice to reconnect with yourself.
Healing 101: Yoga for Trauma, Grief, & Illness
If you're going through a hard time from trauma, grief, or illness, give yourself the gift of yoga.
Therapeutic Alignment with Shy Sayar
9-class series of short tutorials of yoga postures, to explore and deepen healthy alignment principles.
Heal Your Back Pain
Classes designed specifically to heal back pain.
Sanity Sanctuary
A special collection of fifteen classes to help you find relief during life's most hectic and chaotic times.
Yoga for Better Sleep
A good night's sleep is within reach with this program!
Broga: Yoga for Men Program
These five diverse yoga and fitness classes are accessible to all levels of men.
Yoga for Fasting Program
This program is a deeply purifying process that will cleanse your body and mind in powerful ways.
Frequent Flyer Package: Yoga for Travel
This 8-Class series of yoga classes, to be practiced before, during, and after long trips.
14-Day Meditation Program
This 2-week program aims to make sitting meditation a consistent and powerful part of your life.
Yoga for Desk Jockeys
A yoga package for those who work in an office, at a desk, or in a demanding work environment.
Fearless After 50
A 12 class program to support strength and resilience as our bodies change over time.
Yoga for Runners Package
A collection of classes designed to target the muscles used by runners.
Arm Balancing Technique Workshop
Build stability and strength while learning techniques to take arm balancing to the next level.
Yoga + Ayurveda
Learn about the 5-element and 3-dosha systems of Ayurveda and how to use them in yoga.
Yoga & Astrology: The Sun, Moon, and Stars
This 6-class series brings you classes designed to be practiced on different days of the week.
Yoga for Gratitude
This program is for anyone ready to make an investment in physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
Everyday Yamas
This program contains powerful classes bringing the peace of yoga into our everyday world.
Embody the Elements
Learn how yoga can help you cultivate balance using the five elements: earth, air, water, fire, and space.
Goddess Yoga Package
Unleash your inner goddess with this series of goddess-themed yoga classes.
Yoga for the Chakras Package
Meditation and asana for the body parts goverened by each Chakra.
Chakra Flow Series Package
Flowing Vinyasa classes for a journey through your 7 Chakras.
Yoga for New Moms
This package is designed for new moms to dive back into the physical benefits of a yoga practice.
Prenatal Yoga Package
A collection of our top prenatal yoga classes.
Power Yoga for Pregnancy Program
This series of classes are safely modified for women to be done throughout each trimester.
Yin Yoga Package
This package of 9 powerful and healing Yin Yoga classes is accessible and beneficial for all-levels.
Yoga en Espanol
This 10-class program is accessible to all levels - whether you are brand new to yoga, or an experienced yogi.
Body Positive Yoga Package
This 5-class program of radically inclusive practices, is taught by Dana Smith, the author of Yes Yoga has Curves.
Yoga Philosophy: The Yoga Sutra Roadmap
Bhavani delivers the key concepts and teachings of the Yoga Sutras in 5 easy to understand talks.
Yoga for Athletes with Robert Sidoti
This package encompasses five major sports to get your body in the ideal place or athletic performance.
Rise & Shine: A 2-Week Morning Yoga Program
This program consists of 10 classes uniquely designed to be practiced in the morning.
14-Day Yoga Challenge for Busy People
This 2-Week Yoga Challenge is the perfect solution for those feeling short on time.
2-Week Abs & Booty Bootcamp Challenge
This challenge, targeting your abs and booty, will have you looking and feeling your best.
Yoga For All Challenge
2-Week Yoga Challenge featuring some of our top-rated classes in order to help you live your best life.
Yoga Nidra for Yogic Sleep
This deeply meditative, relaxing practice, has benefits for your body, mind, and well-being.
5-Day Absolution Intensive Program
Mark Morfords five-part series is a set of ultra-focused, 20-minute vinyasa flows that are physically challenging.
Yoga for Chronic Pain Relief Program
This 10 classes series encompasses some of the techniques proven to help relieve chronic pain.
5-Class Empowerment Flow Program
This 5 class series will empower you to overcome doubt and fear and embrace the wisdom within you.
21-Day Full Body Fitness Bootcamp: Get Sculpted
This full-body bootcamp will transform you into the most toned, fit, confident and sexiest version of yourself.
Focus on Form: A 6-Day Advanced Alignment
This 6-day series will make your practice significantly stronger and more fine-tuned.

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