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Customized Yoga Classes

Just like you, every yoga practice is different. That’s why Yoga Download lets you create your own custom online class, mixing and matching these short yoga sequences to build your best class ever. Make classes that fit your mood, your schedule or your physical needs. Here’s how it works:

• Start with the Intro/Integration series. It will get you in the right head space for your class.

• Next pick one Warm Up series, designed to open up your body and muscles.

• Then add as many pose sequences as you want! Each segment begins and ends in Downward Dog to make for an easy flow. It helps to follow the numerical order below, even if you don’t use every segment.

• 1,3,5,7,9? 1,2,4,6,8? Build the class that’s right for you, preview and download or stream!

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YogaDownload Online Yoga Class
Flower Yoga Download

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Power YogaMultiple Options

Customized Yoga Class

Natalie Maisel

Each class begins and ends with Down Dog (except for Segments 1 and 12) so you can easily mix and match to create the perfect customized class just for YOU!

Please remember to begin with Segment #1, and follow it with one of the warm up segments (2 or 3). After that feel free to add as many or as few as you want.



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YogaDownload Online Yoga Class
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Vinyasa YogaMultiple Options

Vinyasa Level 2 - Shiva Shanti Yoga

Felise Berman - Shivadasi

Shiva Shanti Yoga has a unique design of movement with deep awareness to breath and integrity of asana articulation. It is a paced class and provides a foundation for the understanding Hatha Vinyasa Yoga. Vinyasa is a general term which means breath-synchronized movement, and tends to be a vigorous style of yoga based on the performance of a series of poses. The class format class begins with Sun Salutations, in which movement is matched to breath, there are 24 positions specifically designed by Shivadasi for Shiva Shanti Yoga. Shiva Shanti Yoga has an interest in weaving the ancient mystical thought of yoga and teaching a full spectrum of asanas once the body is heated.

This class has been broken up into sections that can be downloaded on their own, or as a full class.

Class lengths are as follows:

Full Class -
Welcome - 1:37
2.Aum - 1:06
3.Kapalbhatti-Cleansing Breathing - 4:56
4.Ujjai- Victorious Breath - 1:50
5.Downward Facing Dog - 4:57
6.Surya Namaskar - 3:31
7.Surya Namaskar with Chatturanga - 7:25
8.Standing Sequence - 7:34
9.Standing Balance Sequence - 3:37
10.Arm Balance Sequence - 8:03
11.Back Bending Sequence - 7:49
12.Twisting - 2:33
13.Shoulderstand- Salamba Sarvangasana - 4:12
14.Corpse Pose- Shavasana - 4:12
15.Meditation - 5:18
16.Dedication to Teachers -
17.Brhadaranyaka Upanishad -


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