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Replay the Event Here (Shiva Rea starts around 35:45)

Yoga for Peace

The event formally starts at 11:30am (Eastern Time). Feel free to join us early to make sure the live streaming is working for you.

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Event Information

Founded by Shiva Rea in 2007, The Global Mala Project is uniting yoga, service and collective action. The purpose of the project is to bring the global yoga community together from every continent, school and approach to form a "mala around the earth" through collective practices based upon the sacred cycle of 108 (108 Surya Namaskar, Mantra, Kriya - a Moving Meditation).

Live from the National Mall in Washington, DC, legendary yoga teacher Shiva Rea will lead thousands of people from all over the world in a special yoga practice for peace. And Yoga Download will stream it to you LIVE, for free.