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Tranquility Silence Follows Rain

Big Fish (Various)

Produced by Stevan Pasero, this CD is lush, hypnotic and well-produced. Mr. Pasero wrote several pieces on this captivating CD, and it is a pleasant departure from his flamboyant guitar productions. The production on this recording is impeccable. It was engineered by award-winning engineer Russell Bond and mastered by Ken Lee. There are some very special musicians on board including Joel Harrison on guitar, Dave Peterson on oboe, Vivianna Guzman on flute and Christopher Bock on percussion. The point of purchase copy on the CD product packaging states....The storm has passed. The constant rhythm of water returning to the earth is followed by one of nature's gifts - the silence that follows rain. That clean, crisp silence, and the refreshment it brings, is the essence of Tranquility.

ARTIST NOTES: Stevan Pasero is known worldwide as one of the most influential and versatile guitarists/composers of the past decade. Guitar aficionados love him, fans around the world are loyal to his music, critics praise his musicianship, while his recordings have sold millions. Mr. Pasero is featured on numerous recordings, has transcribed over 30 major symphonic works, produced more than 250 studio recordings and has composed well over 1000 pieces for solo and ensemble.

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Full Album: Tranquility Silence Follows Rain
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1. Evening With My Angel 6:24
$ 1.59
2. Pinnacles 10:16
$ 2.29
3. A View from Her Window 6:35
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4. Rivers Run Deep 7:23
$ 1.99
5. Waterfall Creek 8:23
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