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Greatest Hits Of The Kali Yuga

Krishna Das

GREATEST HITS OF THE KALI YUGA collects the highlights from five of spiritual leader/singer Krishna Das's albums (plus one new track and a remix). A disciple of devotional yoga and kirtan (chanting the names of God), Krishna Das creates a remarkably effective combination of traditional Indian chanting and Western pop structures and melodies. Harmonium and tabla blend with guitar, bass, violin, and auxiliary percussion in ways that bridge East and West, giving rise to a stirring spiritual music that is both catchy and meditative. GREATEST HITS also includes a full-length DVD, a documentary on Krishna Das entitled ONE LIFE AT A TIME. In addition to illustrating Das's dedication to bringing the wisdom of Eastern spirituality to the ears of Western music fans (the DVD includes some fine concert footage), the documentary also charts Das's long path of discovery, including his experiences in India and his enduring friendship with Ram Dass (a.k.a. Dr. Richard Alpert). It is a fascinating document, and complements the music nicely, making this a highly worthwhile package.

Full Album
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Full Album: Greatest Hits Of The Kali Yuga
$ 9.99
Track Listing
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1. Bhajelo-Ji Hanuman 13:07
$ 2.59
2. Namah Shivayah 7:15
$ 1.59
3. Ma Durga 9:44
$ 1.99
4. Hara Hara Mahadev 4:32
$ 0.99
5. Mountain Hare Krishna 5:17
$ 0.99
6. Hanuman Baba (Dub Farm Re-Mix) 7:26
$ 1.59
7. Shri Guru Charanam 5:56
$ 0.99
8. Devi Puja 10:13
$ 1.99
9. Mere Guru Dev 5:38
$ 0.99
10. Brindavan Hare Ram 6:12
$ 1.59