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All One

Krishna Das

Over three days in November 2004, in the renowned Avatar Studios in New York, a choir of 70 and an orchestra of 20, came together to create All One. Featuring Krishna Das (Vocals and Harmonium), Walter Becker (Bass; Co-producer), Def Lepard’s Rick Allen (drums), Ty Burhoe (tabla) and David Nichtern (Guitar; Co-producer and well known composer “Midnight at the Oasis”) the songs were all recorded live in one take with the exception of some additional overdubs added later). The music that flowed was an amalgum of sounds- Violin and Cello with Bansuri Flute- Sarod and Esraj with Piano and Drums- Electric Guitar and Bass with Tabla – Gryphon Guitar with Trumpet and African Percussion… But throughout was the thread of Krishna Das’ deep emotive voice and the voices of the choir and the hypnotic mantric names spun from the living spirit in the room.

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Full Album: All One
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1. Calling from Afar 18:29
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2. Refuge in the Name 11:35
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3. Rock in a Heart Space 14:41
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4. Township Krishna 8:52
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