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On Dec 26th, 2004 Sura’s life unexpectedly changed. That day she learned that she had missed the big Tsunami in Asia by 3 days. The resort she was scheduled to be on in Koh Phi Phi, “Charlie’s Beach Resort” had been completely wiped out with no living survivors.

During that time, Sura was working on Wall Street as VP of Institutional Sales at Buckingham Research. She had started her finance career at Goldman Sachs and later helped manage a $12 billion dollar tech fund. Growing up in a poor immigrant family, Sura always thought she would find security in finance, but after narrowly missing the Tsunami, she started questioning her life.

She wondered “What would I do with a second chance in life?”

Shortly after, a number of unusual synchronistic events led Sura to study yoga at Nosara Yoga, a small surf town in Costa Rica. Sura could not deny the strong inner calling she felt to live her dream and travel the world. She quit her job, sold all of her belongings, and flew to Costa Rica.

After completing a life-changing training at the Nosara Yoga Institute, Sura packed a backpack and flew one-way to Bankgok. She followed, with reckless abandon, all the things that interested her: Thai massage, Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Indian food.. her bliss. For over a year Sura trekked extensively through Asia to places like Pondicherry, Busan and Mumbai. She lived in a yoga ashram in Tiruvannamalai, fasted for 10 days in Koh Samui and later met her teacher in Mysore who transformed her yoga practice. During that time, Sura became aware of her intuitive self which vastly changed the way she moved through the world.

Throughout her travels, Sura unexpectedly fell in love with the healing arts. She did not know how this gift would play a role in her life, but upon her return to the States, Sura attended Georgetown University in D.C. to complete her Leadership Coaching certification. She thought, “Wow, there is something to yoga, healing and coaching!” In 2007, Sura started her own yoga & coaching business, now known as The Sura Center. In 2010, Sura Flow, “Self-Discovery Yoga” was born. Sura Flow is an Integrative practice that empowers leaders to discover their energy potential.

Sura continues to travel, teaching and learning as much as possible. She currently teaches privately and at Exhale Spa in Los Angeles.

She says, “The way to yourself and to Source is a deep surrender.”

A few random facts about Sura ..

1) Attended the University of Michigan & The London School of Economics

2) Received her CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)

3) Secretly worships the ocean