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Jennifer Lux  Flower

Jennifer Lux discovered her love for yoga in 2003. Originally the practice was a way for her to bring balance and flexibility into her body while marathon training, but Jennifer soon discovered that yoga brought those same gifts to her mind and heart. The mat has evolved overtime to a place for self-reflection, to witness, to heal, to discover, and to celebrate. Also a mom and DONA certified birth doula, Jennifer believes that prenatal yoga is a critical component in preparing women for labor. Understanding the power of the breath, how to move intuitively, and ways to comfort and open the body are tools developed through a strong, consistent yoga practice and are essential in labor. Jennifer finds inspiration in the most ordinary moments -- the kindness of a stranger, her daughterʼs curiosity, the unconditional support of community. Jennifer is consistently inspired while helping laboring women as a doula. “Women are stronger than they realize and when they tap into that primal intuitive strength in labor, they begin their journey as a mother from a place of empowerment.” Jenniferʼs prenatal classes are nurturing and explorative, as well as physically challenging. This fusion helps pregnant women tap into their strength and flexibility, mind-body-spirit, which are essential components of a healthy labor.