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Love Indigo

'Love Indigo' is Chris Buckley and Kim Williamson...Kim is a yoga teacher and music lover!. Chris is a music producer and lover!

All artists performing with us are friends and fellow soul seekers. When deciding on the website design for Shanti Life our first thought was that we had to have music! Kim uses music in her Yoga classes to enhance and evoke emotions taking you to a deeper level.

Music produces such passionate emotional responses, and with intention and forethought can be used to focus and direct the listener's emotions. Movement to music is hardwired into the most primitive and ancient parts of our brains. When we hear a beat, signals are automatically sent by the deep brain to our muscles. We had a lot of fun creating our first album which is called 'Yogalicious'. We used a mixture of sounds from various genres including Opera, Classical, Hip Hop and R&B and took influences from different countries and cultures around the globe using sounds from China, India, Spain and the Middle East.