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Chris Lawhead

Hiku: Lawhead meets his flute, Rocks the box and axe a like, For your ears delight.

One Sentence: Lawhead is a life of service through the manipulation of unsuspecting sound waves.

Short Version: Chris Lawhead has spent the last 25 years playing and studying music. He launched his professional career a decade ago. In that time he has performed, recorded, and taught around the United States and the world. He currently tours with his one man rock band playing flute, lap top computer, theremin, guitar, and vocals. Chris has released three "Lawhead" albums and has appeared on dozens of recordings. He also is a passionate and committed educator, giving lessons and clinics in Colorado where he lives and around the world.

Long Version: is career and first love is music. Chris performs, teaches, records and produces on many instruments; and is known world-wide for his flute-playing. His musical journey has included performances at Colorado’s Red Rocks Amphitheater, the famous Jazz Cafe in Costa Rica, the Miazawa Flute Show at Carnagie Hall, some special performances in Europe, a psychedelic jam experiment in an abandoned water tank, and endless gigs at pubs, bars, theaters, street corners, and living rooms. Chris has given performances for the King of Hawaii Aka Mahi and humbly stands in his court on the Big Island of Hawaii. Chris currently leads his self-titled rock band Lawhead, is a member of Mike Brick’s Afro Samba, and plays with improvisational bands Vegas Witchcraft, Curruptor, and Wonderlic. Chris has also shared the stage and recorded with groups Nicole Torres, Rhythm Vision, Zebra Junction, Katalyst, and many more.Over the years Chris has discovered his gift and love of serving others. He has served as a educator in Denver and Littleton Public Schools as a Lacrosse coach and as a music teacher for preschool and special-ed kids. Chris was the Music Ambassador for Swedish Hospital in Englewood, CO. He currently holds a teaching position at the Music and Arts Center in Littleton, CO. Through his study of Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP), Hawaiian Huna, hypnosis, and kiniesiolgy, Chris continues to develop ways to serve his fellow man and the planet. He is a certified practitioner of NLP and has collaborated with Dr. Steven Schwartz, Olympian Maggie Connor, and national champion bicyclist Traci Brown in the development of various audio projects used to heal and empower people. Chris’s primary modality is love which is expressed though the vibrations of music.