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Outlaw Dervish

Travis Wernet ‘aka’ Outlaw Dervish is based in the SF / Bay Area. As a Didjeriduist, Spoken Word Poet, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Sound Healer he has played in live bands and recorded albums both on his own and with group projects. He brings the rare qualities of the Didjeridu into various group and community gatherings. The collaborative partnership between Travis and Producer Ben Leinbach (who has worked extensively with Jai Uttal) has yielded 3 studio albums to date. His Ethno-Groove palettes are both modern and inspired by ancient sound traditions, and revolve around the diverse range of scapes that spring from the unique sound of the Didjeridu.

Outlaw Dervish’s music has been featured on global radio stations and also as part of the soundtrack for the Spanish film, “Becoming Aware”. In 2010 he will travel to Egypt as a resident sound healer, and he has taken his music across the globe from Australia to India and beyond.