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Viva Recordings

Viva Recordings is the first label in the Viva Record Co. family. Founded in early 1998 by Jon Lemmon, as the next logical progression in his music career. The goal was to consistently put out records that he would love and play. So, Viva Recordings was created and has since built up a reputation for distributing and producing the highest quality house music around.

Viva Recordings found success with its first debut from Johnny Fiasco. Next up was Rick Preston’s Altruism EP, which gained notoriety when "Spring Fling" was featured on Mark Farina’s San Francisco Sessions Vol.1. From these early releases the road was paved for Viva Recordings’ success. As the number of releases grew so did sales and the need for Viva to expand. Towards the end of 2000, Jon Lemmon, took on two new partners, Johnny Fiasco and Rachel Schindler. In 2010, Viva is still representing the quality house music and artists it started with. Watch for it!