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Marysia Do

Though she is playfully known as “The Queen of Handstand,” Marysia has also cultivated a global reputation as the encyclopedic teacher of teachers. In addition to having studied yoga for 20years, Marysia has a Masters in Traditional Chinese from Yo San University along with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from USC.

Marysia’s offerings include her innovative and highly successful yoga app: Marysia Do Magic, the Light Warriors United Yoga Teaching Academy, as well as a variety of workshops, exotic retreats and heart centered mentorships.

While many believe her ability to get people of various levels into their dream postures is magical, Marysia’s true magic lies in her passionate love for her students and the endless energy she has to give of herself in service to every one of them.

Live or digitally, when working/playing with Marysia you will feel the expression of your soul elevate and expand.