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Metta Mindfulness Music

Metta Mindfulness Music’s President and Executive Director, Dr. Richard Gold, is a licensed acupuncturist, holds a Doctorate in Psychology, and has dedicated his career to the study, practice, researching, teaching and publishing in the field of East Asian Medicine. Dr. Gold has also studied neuroscience and the evolving understanding of the effects of sound and meditation on the brain.

Dr. Gold’s research and breakthroughs have been powerfully supplemented by the healing music of world-renowned musician, composer, educator, peace activist, and record producer Yuval Ron (Artistic Director / Metta Mindfulness Music). Together, they have created music that is informed by ancient traditions and current advances in neuroscience and music therapy research. In addition, they have linked the powers of music and medicine in profound ways for people around the globe suffering from physical ailments, insomnia, depression, emotional/physical trauma (and more). They have released numerous albums of medicinal music.