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Brett Randell

Brett Randell is a singer/songwriter from NY, Austin, TX, and now Denver, CO. Over the past 6 years, Brett has recorded 3 CDs, toured the US and Europe multiple times, and played over 300 shows across the world. With an emphasis on stories, lyrics, and catchy melodies, Brett's clear and powerful voice brings emotion and energy to the singer/songwriter genre.

A few years back, Brett grabbed his guitar, a backpack, and a one-way ticket to Florence, spending 6-months traveling around the Mediterranean. With no goal but to play music and meet all types of people, he worked on Italian vineyards, Turkish farms, hitchhiked across countries, and played music from rooftops in Istanbul to ancient streets in Croatia, seasides in Olympos to radio stations in Athens, pubs and houseboats in London and on and on.

These travels inspired the songs for Brett's new EP, "Rise" which was released in Fall 2015. "Rise" was recorded at Mighty Fine Productions in Denver, CO and Congress House Studio in Austin, TX, and features musicians from both cities. Recorded and Mixed by Xandy Whitesel in Denver (Bon Iver) and Mastered by Robin Schmidt in Germany (Ben Howard). Stay tuned for iTunes, Spotify, and physical CDs...