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FreQ Nasty & Claire Thompson  Flower

'Yoga of Bass' is a series of Ecstatic Bass asana classes and spoken presentations by International touring DJ/Music Producer and FreQ Nasty (aka Darin McFadyen) and Yoga / Meditation teacher Claire Thompson offering an engaging and interactive look at the ecstatic, life- changing experiences people have with music and the dancefloor and how that relates to the Yogic path of meditation.

Darin and Claire weave in personal and musical examples from their lives and careers along with wisdom from the classic texts of Yoga and Buddhism and cutting edge psychology and neuroscience... all examining how a yogic and spiritual practice can help you bring the feeling of love, unity and connectedness off the dancefloor and into your life.

Claire and Darin have offered “The Yoga of Bass” in North America, England, Thailand and Australia at yoga studios, art spaces and music festivals including Wanderlust Yoga Festival, Lightning in a Bottle, Symbiosis, Glade UK, Wonderfruit, Luminate NZ, & Rainbow Serpent.
They study Yoga and Buddhist philosophy with Lama Marut and meditation with Upasaka Culadasa. Claire has trained in yoga asana at Exhale in LA, as well as practicing massage therapy for 15 years, while Darin has practiced Yoga in the Satyananda lineage for 15 years.