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Dan Hocott

Dan was raised in Northwest Indiana, where he received his formal music education studying Composition and Theory at Indiana University. He also received a quite informal but extremely beneficial education playing clubs on the south side of Chicago. After migrating to New England Dan settled in Connecticut, making a living as a studio musician. He eventually opened his own recording studio – Gabriel Productions – in the early 90's, which produced many pop, folk, gospel and spiritually oriented works, including an unabridged version of the entire King James Bible. But his 40+ years of musical experience were challenged when his wife was diagnosed with colon cancer in March of 2008. "I had to rethink everything. Being a musician for music's sake suddenly seemed hollow and pointless".  

Because of Dan's and his wife's long time involvement with both Western and Eastern religions, they chose to explore holistic and integrative healing methods, including visualization, herbalogy and acupuncture. As his wife received treatment, Dan turned his attention to the healing power of music and sound and began to experiment with various approaches to healing music. As a result, Circle Of Healing was born. 

"I have always believed in the guidance of the Divine Spirit and that nothing happens by accident. Every opportunity is a steppingstone to something greater", says Dan. This belief unfolded one day as he was discussing the music therapy program at Connecticut's MidState Medical Center where his wife was being treated. Denise Gagne, the Therapy Director expressed the hospital's need for a CD of music that would heal and comfort patients. After listening to Circle Of Healing the hospital immediately purchased 1000 copies. Diane Rafferty, MidState's on-staff oncology social worker, created a visualization for one of the tracks, which was recorded at Dan's studio and was released as a special edition for the hospital. 

Why Chakras? Our natural created state of being is one of health and harmony with ourselves and with the world we live in. When this unity is disturbed we feel stressed and out of sorts. Prolonged disharmony between our thoughts and emotions, mind and spirit will eventually show itself in our bodies as sickness and disease. 

Within us are energy centers, known in eastern philosophy as chakras – whirling wheels of vibrant color and energy that influence our wellbeing.  When we are out of harmony these energy centers are affected, becoming obstructed or closed. There are many techniques that have been developed to free these chakras and to restore the health-bringing spirit of life to its original free-flowing state.

One method of restoring unity and healing is through the use of music. In this CD the eight compositions were written in a sequential manner, progressing through the seven major chakras, eventually bringing the whole being – body, mind and spirit – back into harmony. They were written to resonate with each particular energy center, by using the keys of the musical scale. The first composition – Terra Rising – is in the key of C, which resonates with the first, or Root, chakra. The second is in the key of D which effects and resonates with the second chakra, and so forth, higher and higher through the notes of the scale. The final 8th composition is comprised of 8 sections rising through the whole scale from C to C. 

The CD can be used during meditation, yoga, massage or simply as music to relax by. "It is my sincere hope and prayer that Circle of Healing will help to restore harmony and health to your life".