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Nataraj XT

With Tandava, the album from NatarajXT, traditional Indian music is given an entirely new dimension by combining the sounds of sitar, sarod, esraj and tambura alongside the western rhythms of electronic music.

Nataraj has existed previously, but as Nataraj Trad, a more classical take on Northern Indian music. When Pierre Moïtram and Richard Bernet met Kapi in the summer of 1999 that all changed.

Kapi, a native of France and self taught musician (piano, bass, guitar, drums), had been previously involved with several traditional rock/pop French bands that came to regional success. Continually a student, Kapi began working with music in a digital environment in the mid-90’s.

Pierre’s background includes studies of sitar and classical Indian music in both his native Paris and abroad in India. He’s written many articles on the subject and has given recitals worldwide.

Richard is a teacher of Indian instruments and began his teaching career in California at the Music School of Master Ali Akbar Khan. He went to India to further his knowledge of both the culture and music, coming away with a new appreciation and a desire to infuse it into more “mainstream” music. He has been a member of Lal Ganesh, Massialia Sound System and Night in Soho.

Tandava, the group's first electronic outing and Nettwerk’s first association with NatarajXT, is a multi-dimensional soundtrack of merged cultures, traditional instrumentation and modern dance music.